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  • Free Movie Rentals at the Library

    Movie rentals have been ubiquitous for quite some time now. From online streaming to mail-in services to those automated boxes you see at grocery stores and strip malls, you can’t go anywhere without having the opportunity to rent movies for just a few dollars compared to paying full price to own a DVD or Blu-Ray …

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  • Genealogy Research at the Library

    Using The Public Library To Research Family History And Genealogy Genealogy and researching family history are quickly becoming one of the most popular hobbies in the United States. With information at our fingertips, researching family names, and plotting the geographic timelines or locations of the various branches of family trees has never been more convenient. …

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  • Check Out Kindle Books at the Library

    See How Easily You Can Check Out a Kindle Book From Your Local Library   If you’ve been paying attention to the U.S. news media you may have noticed that it’s now possible to check out Amazon Kindle books from your local public library. That’s right; as long as you have a valid library card …

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    Henrietta Public Library


    Location Address: Mailing Address:
    455 Calkins Road 455 Calkins Road
    Rochester, NY 14623 Rochester, NY 14623
    Phone Number: 5853597093  
    Website: http://WWW.HPL.ORG  
    Basic Library Information      
    Interlibrary Relationship: Member library of a library system.
    Operated by: Municipal government
    Geographic Area: Other
    Service Area Population: 39028
    Annual Visits: 227,602
    Annual Hours Open (All branches): 3,000
    Number of central libraries:
    Number of branch libraries: 0
    Number of bookmobiles: 0
    Media Information      
    Number of books and serial volumes: 89,285
    Number of audio materials: 4,434
    Number of video materials: 3,222
    Number of current serial subscriptions: 266
    Total annual circulation: 385,758
    Total annual loans provided to other libraries: 10,709
    Total annual loans received from other libraries: 24,863
    Staff Information      
    Number of ALA-MLS Librarians: 6.09
    Total Number of Full Time Librarians: 6.09
    Other Paid Full Time Employees: 14.25
    Total Paid Full Time Employees: 20.34
    Children's Library Services      
    Total annual circulation (including renewals) of all
    children's materials in all formats to all users.
    Total annual attendance at all programs intended
    primarily for children. Includes adults who attend.
    Financial Information      
    Operating Income
    Operating income from local government $800,956.00
    Operating income from state government $15,252.00
    Operating income from federal government
    Other operating income $70,271.00
    Total income $886,479.00
    Salaries and wages for all library staff $556,896.00
    Employee benefits for all library staff $105,571.00
    Total staff expenditures $662,467.00
    Total expenditures on library collection $143,570.00
    Other operating expenditures $98,265.00
    Total operating expenditures $904,302.00
    Expenditures for capital outlay
    Library Technology Information      
    Operating expenditures for library materials in electronic format 5,604
    Operating expenditures for electronic access 22,581
    Number of library materials in electronic format 252
    Library access to electronic services Yes
    Library access to the Internet Yes
    Internet terminals used by staff only 12
    Internet terminals used by general public 6
    Users of electronic resources per typical week 3320

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