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  • Free Movie Rentals at the Library

    Movie rentals have been ubiquitous for quite some time now. From online streaming to mail-in services to those automated boxes you see at grocery stores and strip malls, you can’t go anywhere without having the opportunity to rent movies for just a few dollars compared to paying full price to own a DVD or Blu-Ray …

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  • Genealogy Research at the Library

    Using The Public Library To Research Family History And Genealogy Genealogy and researching family history are quickly becoming one of the most popular hobbies in the United States. With information at our fingertips, researching family names, and plotting the geographic timelines or locations of the various branches of family trees has never been more convenient. …

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  • Check Out Kindle Books at the Library

    See How Easily You Can Check Out a Kindle Book From Your Local Library   If you’ve been paying attention to the U.S. news media you may have noticed that it’s now possible to check out Amazon Kindle books from your local public library. That’s right; as long as you have a valid library card …

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  • Jefferson County Public Libraries

    The following libraries are located in Jefferson County. Please select a library in Jefferson County to view the details.
    Adamsville Public Library
    4825 Main Street
    Adamsville, AL 35005
    Avondale Branch Library
    509 40th Street South
    Birmingham, AL 35222
    Bessemer Public Library
    701 9th Avenue N
    Bessemer, AL 35020
    Birmingham Public Library
    2100 Park Place
    Birmingham, AL 35203
    East Ensley Branch Library
    900 14th Street Ensley
    Birmingham, AL 35218
    East Lake Branch Library
    5 Oporto Madrid Blvd South
    Birmingham, AL 35206
    Eastwood Branch
    Eastwood Mall
    Birmingham, AL 35210
    Emmet O'Neal Library
    50 Oak Street
    Mountain Brook, AL 35213
    Ensley Branch
    1201 25th Street Ensley
    Birmingham, AL 35218
    Five Points West Library
    4620 Avenue V
    Birmingham, AL 35208
    Fultondale Public Library
    1015 Walkers Chapel Road
    Fultondale, AL 35068
    Gardendale- Martha Moore Public Library
    995 Mt. Olive Road
    Gardendale, AL 35071
    Graysville Public Library
    315 South Main Street
    Graysville., AL 35073
    Homewood Public Library
    1721 Oxmoor Road
    Homewood, AL 35209
    Hoover Public Library
    200 Municipal Drive
    Hoover, AL 35216
    Hueytown Public Library
    1372 Hueytown Road
    Hueytown, AL 35023
    Inglenook Branch Library
    4100 40th Terrace North
    Birmingham, AL 35217
    Irondale Public Library
    105 Twentieth Street South
    Irondale, AL 35210
    Leeds Jane Culbreth Library
    802 Parkway Drive Se
    Leeds, AL 35094
    Mccoy Literacy Library
    730 8th Ave W. Suite 320
    Birmingham, AL 35204
    Midfield Public Library
    400 Breland Drive
    Midfield, AL 35228
    North Avondale Resource Center
    501 43rd Street N
    Birmingham, AL 35222
    North Birmingham Branch
    2501 31st Avenue North
    Birmingham, AL 35207
    Pleasant Grove Public Library
    501 Park Road
    Pleasant Grove, AL 35127
    Powderly Branch
    3301 Jefferson Avenue Sw
    Birmingham, AL 35221
    Pratt City Branch
    1100 Hibernian Street
    Birmingham, AL 35214
    Slossfield Branch
    1916 25th Court North
    Birmingham, AL 35234
    Smithfield Branch
    1 8th Avenue West
    Birmingham, AL 35204
    South Side Branch Library
    1814 11th Avenue South
    Birmingham, AL 35205
    Springville Road Regional Library
    1224 Old Springville Road
    Birmingham, AL 35215
    Sumiton Public Library
    State Street (Po Box 10)
    Sumiton, AL 35148
    Tarrant Public Library
    1143 Ford Avenue
    Tarrant, AL 35217
    Titusville Branch
    2 6th Avenue Sw
    Birmingham, AL 35211
    Trussville Public Library
    201 Parkway Drive
    Trussville, AL 35173
    Vestavia Hills Richard M. Scrushy Public Library
    1112 Montgomery Highway
    Vestavia Hills, AL 35216
    Walter J. Hanna Memorial Library
    4615 Gary Avenue
    Fairfield, AL 35064
    Warrior Public Library
    101 First Street
    Warrior, AL 35180
    West End Branch
    1241 Tuscaloosa Avenue Sw
    Birmingham, AL 35211
    Woodlawn Branch
    5709 First Avenue North
    Birmingham, AL 35212
    Wylam Branch
    4300 7th Avenue Wylam
    Birmingham, AL 35224

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