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  • Free Movie Rentals at the Library

    Movie rentals have been ubiquitous for quite some time now. From online streaming to mail-in services to those automated boxes you see at grocery stores and strip malls, you can’t go anywhere without having the opportunity to rent movies for just a few dollars compared to paying full price to own a DVD or Blu-Ray …

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  • Genealogy Research at the Library

    Using The Public Library To Research Family History And Genealogy Genealogy and researching family history are quickly becoming one of the most popular hobbies in the United States. With information at our fingertips, researching family names, and plotting the geographic timelines or locations of the various branches of family trees has never been more convenient. …

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  • Check Out Kindle Books at the Library

    See How Easily You Can Check Out a Kindle Book From Your Local Library   If you’ve been paying attention to the U.S. news media you may have noticed that it’s now possible to check out Amazon Kindle books from your local public library. That’s right; as long as you have a valid library card …

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  • Franklin County Public Libraries

    The following libraries are located in Franklin County. Please select a library in Franklin County to view the details.
    Arms Library
    Corner Bridge & Main Sts.
    Shelburne Falls, MA 01370
    Belding Memorial Library
    244 Main St.
    Ashfield, MA 01330
    Bradford M. Field Memorial Library
    1 Shutesbury Rd.
    Leverett, MA 01054
    Buckland Public Library
    30 Upper St.
    Buckland, MA 01338
    Cushman Library
    28 Church St.
    Bernardston, MA 01337
    Dickinson Memorial Library
    115 Main Street
    Northfield, MA 01360
    Erving Public Libraries
    12 East Main St.
    Erving, MA 01344
    Ervingside Branch Library
    16 Central Street
    Erving, MA 01349
    Field Library
    243 Millers Falls Road
    Northfield, MA 01360
    Field Memorial Library
    1 Elm St.
    Conway, MA 01341
    Graves Memorial Library
    111 North Main Street
    Sunderland, MA 01375
    Greenfield Public Library
    402 Main St.
    Greenfield, MA 01301
    Griswold Memorial Library
    14 Main Rd.
    Colrain, MA 01340
    Heath Free Public Library
    Main Street
    Heath, MA 01346
    Millers Falls Library
    23 Bridge Street
    Millers Falls, MA 01349
    M. N. Spear Memorial Library
    Cooleyville Rd.
    Shutesbury, MA 01072
    Monroe Public Library
    3B School St.
    Monroe Bridge, MA 01350
    Montague Center Library
    17 Center Street
    Montague, MA 01351
    Montague Public Libraries
    201 Avenue A
    Turners Falls, MA 01376
    Moore-Leland Library
    172 Athol Road
    North Orange, MA 01364
    New Salem Public Library
    24 South Main Street
    New Salem, MA 01355
    Robertson Memorial Library
    849 Greenfield Road
    Leyden, MA 01301
    Rowe Town Library
    Zoar Road
    Rowe, MA 01367
    Shelburne Free Public Library
    233 Shelburne Center Road
    Shelburne, MA 01370
    Slate Memorial Library
    332 Main Road
    Gill, MA 01376
    S. White Dickinson Memorial Library
    202 Chestnut Plain Road
    Whately, MA 01093
    Tilton Library
    75 Main St.
    South Deerfield, MA 01373
    Tyler Memorial Library
    Main St.
    Charlemont, MA 01339
    Warwick Free Public Library
    4 Hotel Road
    Warwick, MA 01378
    Wendell Free Library
    2 Lockesvillage Rd.
    Wendell, MA 01379
    Wheeler Memorial Library
    49 East Main Street
    Orange, MA 01364

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